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Sustainable Ecology Institute Launching Online Coalition for Preparedness

New public Internet Service announced, connecting diverse media
to strengthen planning, preparedness, and response infrastructure


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – MARCH 6, 2013 – The newly-launched Sustainable Ecology Institute (SEI) began to unveil today an effort years in the making to help citizens, communities, government agencies, and enterprises plan for, prepare for, respond to, and rebuild after natural events including hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, floods, earthquakes, and other emergencies.

“In recent years it has become both clearly necessary and possible for a new class of Internet communications infrastructure to emerge, connecting previously disconnected organizations critical to all kinds of emergency response,” said Dr. Robert Corell, Director of SEI. “We’re excited to commence introduction of an integrated set of Internet domains and apps in coming months. They are already presenting a common set of terms simplifying public access to critical information.”

The domain prefixes include most “.Org, .Net, .Us, .Me, and .Com”s with the following prefixes:
…major climate related events, including tornados, hurricanes, storms, floods, and earthquakes.

For example, these domains currently reference vital information delivery organizations:

Over coming months, additional services will become available to everyday citizens, institutions, and enterprises that wish to use them. Media organizations that will receive Internet traffic by this emerging domain name set include: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Weather Channel, and NOAA.

Further information is available at

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