Quotes From Our Institute Directors, Enterprise Directors and Executives

July 25th, 2016

“I came to ManyOne in a most unusual fashion. I started as the enemy as opposing counsel having previously represented a plaintiff in a labor claim. While working to see my client’s success, I came to see the heart and mind of Joseph Firmage. I came to know that his heart and mind were in the right place. His intention and that of ManyOne are truly to make this world a better place, economically and scientifically. I also came to understand that there are ways in which I could assist Mr. Firmage and his team with their enormous loads with my particular legal experience, and thus to help power his good-hearted and long-lasting, intelligent vision.

Consequently we are working toward the betterment all ManyOne entities, our clients, creditors and ultimately our investors. There still remain hills to climb and it is an honor to help climb them and it is an honor to work with such competent individuals.”

– David J. Shaw, J.D., Llm
General Counsel and Chief Strategy Officer, ManyOne World LLC

“The sweeping scope of challenges and opportunities we all can now see after the turn of the millennium represent a ‘singularity’ of change in human affairs far more profound than in any period of recorded history. Wherever we look, massive changes are occurring or must occur nearly at once: politics, economics, science and technology, transformational art transportable through interactive screens and spaces, and even the sense of a broader spiritual mission for humankind.

An absolutely essential criteria for the future we all hope to see realized is a rigorous, realistic yet bold vision for systematically shifting from physical to electronic means for personal and business economic development, and to transform the energy and propulsion systems in the timeframe we have to do so. I am convinced that Institutes of this Academy, powered by the ManyOne and Motion Physics enterprises, offer the most promising and wisely developed alliance in the world.

Having helped form this alliance for over a decade with experts spanning more than 60 nations, I am convinced it is capable of materially helping to solve our biggest challenges and sparking a new realistic hope for a future that will inspire us now and for generations to come.”

– Dr. Robert Corell
Vice Chancellor, Academy of Science and Arts
Principal for the Global Environment Technology Foundation
Senior Faculty Fellow, College of Arts & Sciences, Florida Intl. University
Head of US Office for the Global Energy Assessment

“By establishing the STEM Modeling Institute (SMI) in the ManyOne Academy, Joe Firmage has created a conduit for steady funding to drive rapid, deep and sustained STEM education reform across the U.S. and beyond. He recognizes that the necessary focus for timely responses to the urgent challenges of science and technology can only come from the private sector. The U.S. education system far is too slow and ponderous to do it. I have been pleased to accept his invitation to lead the SMI.”

– David Hestenes, PhD
Emeritus Professor of Physics
Oersted Medalist
Director, STEM Modeling Institute, Academy of Science and Arts

“ManyOne is not just a 21st century corporation pioneering breakthrough technologies for our economy, but is truly a third millennium corporation embedding virtuous capitalism wisely into the now-massive global Internet economy.

We are inculcating ideals expressed by our Founding Fathers in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, within the first Internet Economic Operating System ever built — Encoding these enduring values into the brilliant machines now interconnected as many into one, via the Internet. It is as if H.G. Wells and Einstein along with Hawking are writing the rules of corporate cosmology that will be used to govern the future of commerce, especially as nations integrate across our world, and as we now discover and may begin to connect with other worlds.”

– Charles L. Dickens, M.D, Internal Medicine
President of ManyOne
Director of Motion Physics & the Academy of Science and Arts

“Having been closely associated with Joe Firmage for almost three decades with equity investments in all of his ventures, I can honestly say I’m most excited about this current venture. The Academy of Science and Arts and its underlying enterprises referred to as the Blue and Black logos ( and, are developing some of the most important societal work of our time. The Blue Logo and it’s breakthrough for building new economic platforms for all people and the Black Logo with its discoveries in physics, propulsion and new energy sources are nothing short of life-changing for this planet and its population.

I am so proud to be associated with the Academy, it’s wonderful people and its work, and to watch on the front line of real tangible change that creates a better and cleaner world. This will undoubtedly be the pinnacle of Joe Firmage’s life work which will leave a better world for all.”

– James N. Cutler Jr., Co-Founder and Director

“I’m honored to have been asked to be a principle director of the Academy of Science & Arts (, which encompasses three important pillars that we hope will advance society and guide it humbly towards a new dawn for human civilization.

The Academy serves three purposes: to provide an economic platform that empowers the individual in an institution called; to be highly active in breakthrough research and incubation towards the science that may soon take us to the stars in an enterprise called; and finally, with the “Green” initiative, we wish to steward advances in STEM education in a way that protects and improves the fragile environment that we’re fortunate to enjoy on planet Earth.”

– Eric Hermanson, Co-Founder and Director
Motion Physics and Academy of Science and Arts
MIT Masters Nuclear Engineering

“My love of science and the discovery of truth led me on a journey through engineering, physics and mathematics. My first encounter with Joe Firmage was indirectly through the AppWare division at Novell in a joint project between Academia and Industry. I was able to see the potential that software could have on human life and civilization as a whole.

After graduation I worked in research labs in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Sarcos Research and the Center for Engineering Design. I had the pleasure to work with Steve Jacobsen and Richard Shorthill and many other exceptional engineers and scientists. We worked on projects for DoD, Universities, Hollywood and Aerospace companies and then bought by Raytheon.

The turning point was when a friend of mine who had worked for Joe told me I should meet him. He said Joe is a guy that has similar interests and is into physics. It was then I made the connection that this is the same Joe Firmage I worked for on his AppWare software in 1993. Here is a person on a personal quest of truth and knowledge. Some tried to say bad things about him, and warn me against him and there was slander around the Internet from detractors. Joe Firmage is the most honorable CEO I have ever met and more importantly a dear, kind friend who has the vision to help save our planet and change the lives of those who live upon it for the better. I am committed to see his plan of a better world fulfilled, and for it to become a transformation, a quantum leap of life as we know it. The work of Motion Physics is bringing the hopes and dreams of so many engineers, scientists and artists to reality right now. This is something to get excited about! Dreams do come true.

The Academy of Science and Arts is calling all those who want to create a better future for our world and its people though the application of advanced propulsion, energy and art. A place to learn, a place to create, a place to become anything you want to be. This is where dreams become reality. This is where your journey begins. The future is coming soon. Will you be ready to help make Star Trek real?

We invite you to join us in the most important journey of a lifetime.”

– Rob Leatham
Director of Engineering, Motion Physics
Executive Officer, Office of the Chief Executive Officer

“It is exciting for me to be part of the culmination of 27-year fulfillment of our hopes and business intention to make the emerging Internet accessible to everyone’s financial needs and dreams.

From our first development of App building technology, through the expansion of core network technologies, to Wall Street success, now our modest part in this great saga has become mainstream over 20 years. Joseph’s dream is now fulfilled in the launch of ManyOne, Motion Physics and the Institutes of the Academy of Science and Arts. With the STEM Modeling Institute, the Integral Cloud Institute and the Sustainable Ecology Institute, individuals and all groups can expand their own dreams with a worldwide network of skills and platform of tools to secure their own financial, educational, and personal aspirations.

I have shared and assisted in this enterprise and now celebrate a grand fulfillment. Here’s to its beautiful success!”

– Gloria R. Paramore, Co-Founder & Director
ManyOne, Motion Physics & the Academy of Science and Arts

“I was hired by Joe Firmage to be CEO of ManyOne in late 2015, as he and his team were intensely involved in the first major unveiling of ManyOne since its genesis in 2002. Joe asked me to assist in expanding the management team, assist in completing launch funding and help resolve challenges brought about by a serious attempt by foreign capital to take over offices and assets of the company in late 2014 and early 2015.

Our clients, our gifted employees and capital partners were delayed by those events, and I put a lot of effort into helping Joe establish better understanding of ‘why’ our launch was delayed. I so focused on that that only now have I seen further confidential briefings, and the absolutely incredible power and intellectual genius of what has within it.

In my opinion ManyOne’s Economic Operating System will not just change the Internet landscape, it likely represents the only platform designed for the 21st century economy. It really can uplift the income for both businesses and individuals, while presenting a brilliant, simple new navigation system putting the entire Internet at your fingertips, and soon your voice.

I am stunned at what I have seen coming from now and later this year, and it’s a privilege to rejoin the team as Executive Vice President of Business Development.”

– Todd Marriott
Executive Vice President, ManyOne
Former CEO of Utopia

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