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Manyone Unveils Neural Operating System for The Internet Integrating Domains, Apps and Tools Into World’s First Economic Operating System

New Type of OS and Interface Opens New Frontier for Human-Computer Social and Economic Tools, Activities, Experiences and Ecosystems


SALT LAKE CITY, UT — FEBRUARY 3, 2014 — In a groundbreaking announcement 15 years in the making, ManyOne revealed today ManyOne Cortex, the first neural operating system coherently integrating the latent power of the domain name space, Internet apps and tools.

“Over the past 25 years I have had the good fortune to observe and participate in the evolution of the Internet before, during and after its first wave of impact on the world; it has obviously utterly transformed forever the way we conduct our lives and our businesses. In 2000, my colleagues and I realized that a cacophony of great ideas would one day require a new integrating operating system capable not only of transforming the way commerce itself functions online, but also the way we live our lives,” said Joe Firmage, Founder & CEO of ManyOne. “ManyOne Cortex is the first comprehensive Internet Economic Operating System — a new platform for uplifting the lives and livelihoods of everyone everywhere, connected or not.”

Three major initiatives reveal the nature of and need for ManyOne Cortex, from the inside out:

  1. With the direct analogue of the human brain in mind, ManyOne has in recent years purchased a large, integrated set of domains, forming a tight, omnidirectionally linked “neural network” inside the domain name space of the Internet itself. At the core of the network are thousands of .ORGs. During 2014 and beyond, these .ORGs will be granted to the National Science Foundation and a few other equally reputable institutions, domestic and international, representing science, education and arts. They are to be stewarded forever by invitation, application and succession to empower the rising generations of scientists, educators and artists in the digital age. This ensures permanent ownership and control of the core traffic patterns that will power evolving journals of science, textbooks of tomorrow and curators of artistic genius.
  2. Interconnected with the Cortex’s .Orgs are thousands of seminal .COM, .NET, .ME, .US domains, fully operational and prepared to spark and sustain a vast economic development engine for those who are already conducting business on the Internet and wish to soar, and those who wish to start at the top. Interconnected with the world’s largest and finest domain registrars, hosting operations facilities, social media platform pioneers, and device leaders, ManyOne has created a new tier of services for the rapid creation and elevation of businesses of all types and sizes. These services can be explored, purchased and are supported 24×7 worldwide immediately at The flagship of these services is ManyOne’s Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization (GSEO), a breakthrough advance for Internet-driven revenue growth for any brand, product, service or program, and superior replacement for the expensive vagaries of SEO. GSEO services will be available beginning February 3, 2014 by calling the ManyOne National Contact Center at 855-775-7774 or by visiting
  3. Any operating system requires a suite of tools for users of varying levels of skills to customize, develop and program interacting components within and upon it. ManyOne has a massive development tool program that includes 3GL, 4GL and 5GL interactive development tools scheduled to appear beginning in February, 2014 and continuing throughout 2015, including:
    1. 4GL – Each of ManyOne’s and its clients’ domains will be auto-convertible into apps for iOS and Droid devices by April, 2014. Employing the analogue to a neuron in the cortex of a brain, the programming interface between ManyOne-based “domain/app neurons” is to be revealed in stages beginning in late February, 2014, called “AXON”. The AXON specification and sample code will be available in a full variety of Web page description, script and plug-in formats. This interface will be freely available.
    2. 5GL – ManyOne is further announcing today that the flagship product of Mr. Firmage’s first company — Serius Programmer, introduced to the world in Washington D.C. in April, 1989 as the first effective visual rapid application development tool ever, acquired by Novell in 1993 and renamed AppWare — is going to be reintroduced to the public for the first time in 17 years as Internet AppWare (IAW). An alpha preview is scheduled for release in June, 2014, a beta release is tentatively set for September, 2014, with a public launch tentatively set for January 1, 2015. Pricing for the use of Internet AppWare has not been set, but an affordable annual subscription method will be the basis for licensed use.
    3. 3GL – The environment for the creation of new core IAW object and method classes, in languages such as C, C++ for native hardware OSes, will be available at the same time in the Internet AppWare SDK. Cross-platform portability between MacOSX, MSWindows, iOS and Droid will be supported through IAW’s “Universal Program Structure File” (.upsf) file format, in tested operation worldwide for Mac and Windows since 1992.

Matt Nielson, Chief Technology Officer of ManyOne, stated, “It will be a great pleasure to witness the public reintroduction of a stunning achievement in the annals of computer science. Serius helped lay the groundwork for the very concept of object-oriented, rapid application development, and the possibilities of enabling ordinary people with iPads and tablets to create their business and personal apps — in minutes by visually wiring existing apps together in simple flow diagrams — are literally astronomical.”

“Centered around our non-profit core, the ManyOne alliance has invested hundreds of millions over more than a decade to integrate and present vastly more powerful, yet easier-to-use web, app and merchant tools than ever in history,” said Dr. Charles L. Dickens, President of ManyOne. “ManyOne represents genuinely a new evolutionary era in the history of commerce and community, bringing enlightened code to engineers, a second renaissance for executives and entrepreneurs, and a sigh of relief for those who conduct business over the Internet.”

Details regarding ManyOne Cortex and the parallel announcement of ManyOne Open Source Corporation, and the forthcoming press and and analyst briefing along with instructions for free registration, will be available at on February 10th, 2014.

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