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Manyone Pioneers Uncharted Territory In
Becoming the First Open Source Corporation

Leaders of technology and finance to lay out Principles of Open Commerce and Finance inNational Conference Call with reporters and analysts on February 17th, 2014


SALT LAKE CITY, UT and PHOENIX, AZ – February 3, 2014 – Simultaneous with ManyOne’s announcement of ManyOne Cortex, the first Internet Economic Operating System, ManyOne today began to unveil the purpose and mission in its potential to transform the third millennium economy.

“Moore’s Law has proven extremely effective in mapping the sweeping pace of advancement of computer processing power, and open source code has given people exponential accessibility to the byproducts of that Law. The development and maturation of ManyOne has represented a giant leap forward into the void of the new world economy, with the mission to establish the first “Open Source Corporation”, defining new ways, means and modes of operation that can fundamentally evolve the human charters, standards, and ethics — with corresponding deployment of actual software code and apps  — for enterprises in the new millennium,” said Dr. Charles L. Dickens, President and Board Member of ManyOne. “A number of extremely substantial surveys have been underway to identify who can lead in the evolutionary process of humankind’s integration of economic technologies. ManyOne is that volunteer who stepped forward for natural selection among the candidates who all want to go to heaven but are not willing to die. We are proud to be the ones who gave birth to the death of the status quo.”

During the February 17th conference call, ManyOne executives will unveil the first “Meta Charter” for an Open Source Corporation, defining, among other things:

How Charters can envelope and serve the broad or narrow sectors of industrious activity through qualitatively defined, quantitatively measured metrics of “success”.

How P&Ls, balance sheets, securities and derivatives of all varieties — and the managers and beneficiaries thereof — can through ManyOne enthusiastically respect and support those success metrics effortlessly, and reliably prosper from them.

“I have helped lead the construction of many central parts of the first generation of the Internet economy now spread across the globe. With that reach of work, I saw by 1998 that a human ethos and code upgrade would be required to gracefully tackle the biggest issues of our time,” said Joe Firmage, founder and CEO of ManyOne. “The conception, development, testing and now deployment of ManyOne has involved many years of work from thousands of talented individuals, along with scores of breakthrough tools of the Internet age. We would like to thank many of the consortiums which have presented to the world concepts of software in open source form and function. The Meta Charter for an Open Source Corporation will be able to be evolved by the values-conscious financial world in a similar manner, but with the striking hope and probability that the result will be be a second renaissance that restores America to the pinnacle example for the world.”

Details regarding the ManyOne Open Source Corporation and the forthcoming press and and analyst briefing, along with instructions for free registration, will be available at on February 10th, 2014.




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