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ManyOne Acquires World Class Internet Economic Development and
Investigation Leader YSC Watchdog, and Reveals an Historic National Program
Enabling Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses to Clean Up
the Information Economy from Systemic Fraud, and Help Them Thrive


SALT LAKE CITY, UT, WASHINGTON D.C, PHOENIX, AZ, and LOS ANGELES, CA – April 3, 2013 – An alliance of pioneers of the Internet Economy for over 20 years, the founders of the ManyOne Network (including Mr. J.P. Firmage, founder the world’s largest Internet consulting firm in the 1990s, USWeb/CKS) and Your Substantial Capital (including Dr. Chuck L. Dickens), have joined forces. Working with major credit and banking leaders and several Federal and State government agencies, ManyOne today has begun to unveil a sweeping national program for cleansing and fueling the 21st Century Information Economy. This first-ever program has been carefully crafted by and facilitated through the ManyOne Network, ( a major enterprise of the Academy of Science and Arts, that acquired entirely, the firm Your Substantial Capital and its Watchdog division. ManyOne’s new national operations center opens today, and can be reached at 855-775-7774.

“The ManyOne Phoenix Project is deploying a new, nationwide economic development program in robust collaboration with SEC, FTC, Department of Justice, other relevant agencies, and major commercial credit and banking giants”, said Firmage, Chief Executive Officer of the Academy of Science and Arts. “ManyOne has evolved over a decade into a tremendously powerful system to provide new freedoms for hundreds of millions, uplifting economic lives for mainstreet business and mainstream people who are seeking a better way of life. We have worked in parallel on the extensive infrastructure of talent on the ground, on logistics, and on rosters of those who have been challenged in the past with misfortune and often pervasive fraud”, added Dr. Dickens. “I believe the ManyOne Phoenix Project represents the largest and most coherent Internet economic development program ever conceived”.

The Project will facilitate the following, commencing initial services immediately:

  • A stunning public service akin to ‘a time for forgiveness to spark grand progress’, enabling people and businesses across the Internet economic sector, now graduating out of its gestation years, relief from prosecution by cooperating Federal and State Attorneys General. It provides a way to soar beyond the challenges of the recent economic depression that has yielded so many failures, mistakes, and just plain misfortune.
  • This will be available to those who join the Internet Central Park (, with the advice and assistance of the newly announced ManyOne Mentors business development program unveiled also today at In the process, new members may choose to become Mentors themselves. Very advanced technical programs will also be available to select applicants to become members of the ManyOne Guild, joining a growing community of creators, stewards, and guardians of the ManyOne platform itself, among the most sophisticated Internet Operating Systems in the world.
  • Sharing years of surveys and portfolios assembled and researched by the most competent code- and network-level IT experts, under appropriate confidentiality protections.
  • These expansive materials and data have been organized and structured into a near real-time system for early warning, response management, and remediation of the vast and fast-expanding sector of the economy: Internet content, commerce, marketing, and social media.
  • Employment of specialized, highly evolved forensic code, ethically as authorized, in both public and private networks, enabling more predictive.
  • Breakthrough Site and App development tools pioneered by Firmage for the past quarter century, and newly updated for the first time since 1996. To be released as “InternetAppWare” in October, 2013, it will be available to all members of Internet Central Park.

Mr. Firmage expects to publish a major White Paper in April surveying the current state and future of the Internet Economy, revealing how in preparation for the ManyOne Phoenix Project’s launch, he and his core team of experts have systematically, but quietly studied for over three years, hundreds of different Internet marketing companies and monetization strategies and tactics. He will also announce next week that the Phoenix Project will be used to assist and advance all the thousands of people and partners who have worked so hard to bring this 15-year endeavor to life, rising now stronger than ever through the worst economic environment since the Great Depression.

“I cannot enumerate the number of challenges that I personally, and my teams worldwide, have had to overcome to get to this day. Every associate who has been involved in the dozens of institutes and enterprises that have materially assisted in the launch of this extraordinary enterprise will be receiving a very special letter from me over the next several weeks”, said Firmage. “I call on my colleagues of years and decades past to join the ManyOne Movement. It’s an historic opportunity to do good and do well at such scale as to help catalyze a second renaissance.”

Representing one of the largest financial partners who has been involved with Firmage’s enterprises for over 20 years, Frank W. Cutler of The Cutler Group stated, “I’m extremely impressed with the care, respect, diligence, and skill that Joe and his team have demonstrated. This is potentially such a groundbreaking exemplar in business practice and ethics that it may spark a much needed new era of integrity at the highest levels of free market economics.”

The acquisition is expected to be completed by April 15, 2013, and is operating now.

About the Academy of Science and Arts

The Academy of Science and Arts is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing breakthrough science research, education, and consequential sustainable economic development worldwide. Internet Central Park and ManyOne are two large scale programs to catalyze a 21st Century economy. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at, and reached at 855-775-7774.

About YSC and Watchdog

In this constantly shifting economy, customers and institutional investors are increasingly in need of custom-tailored business plans to help them meet their specific goals and requirements. Your Substantial Capital ( and its Watchdog Division are committed to developing solutions that are on target with the business creation and investigation needs of small and large enterprises, and to implement them competently, responsibly, and with confidence. It is the firm’s policy to provide independent and sound results to improve the financial health of its clients.

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