Academy of Science and Arts

The Library of United States Is Now Open

In Honor of the Launch of the ManyOne Network,
the Partners and Members of ManyOne Bestow to Humanity
the Most Dynamic, Universal Tool that Gives Everyone the Awesome Power of Language



After 15 years and more than $250 million in investment raised and deployed, the Academy of Science and Arts unveiled the Library of United States (http://LibraryOfUnitedStates.Org), Empowered by the ManyOne Network (

“Experts agree language is paramount in distinguishing humankind from all other species on this planet. The ability to preserve and develop language has enabled us collectively to move from the certainty of living in caves, to the probability of traveling among stars,” said J.P. Firmage, founder and CEO of the Academy of Science and Arts.

The Library of United States gives the individual the power of language, to a degree unimaginable by Gutenberg. Simultaneously and effortlessly for those who wish to use the building blocks of language, ManyOne’s gift provides the means of creation, collaboration, circulation, protection, promotion, and procurement of the privilege of human language. Simply put, “you provide the idea, and the Library Of United States will do the rest.”

In an interview in preparation for this historic launch, Dr. Robert Corell, Director of the newly-formed Sustainable Ecology Institute (SEI) and Vice Chancellor of the Academy of Science and Arts said, “The sweeping scope of challenges and opportunities we all can now see after the turn of the millennium represent a ‘singularity’ of change in human affairs far more profound than in any period of recorded history. Wherever we look, massive changes are occurring or must occur nearly at once: education, politics, economics, science and technology, transformational art transportable through interactive screens and spaces, and even the sense of a broader spiritual mission for humankind. An absolutely essential criteria for the future we all hope to see realized is a rigorous, realistic, yet bold vision for systematically shifting from physical to electronic means for personal and business economic development,” Corell concluded.

This announcement is connected to two others today, “ManyOne Phoenix Project Unveiled” (, the launch of the ManyOne Mentors network ( and tomorrow’s “Internet Central Park and ManyOne Commence Capital Alliance for an Economic Renaissance” and “California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics Joins Academy of Science and Arts” (

“Clearly, an extraordinary alliance of leaders worldwide are now beginning to unveil an historic enterprise, long in the making, to inspire and equip the leaders of tomorrow,” added Dr. David Hestenes, Director of the Academy’s Science Modeling Institute, and leader of its ground-breaking STEM reform programs nationwide.

About the Academy of Science and Arts

The Academy of Science and Arts is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing breakthrough science research, education, and consequential sustainable economic development worldwide. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at


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