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Breakthrough Neural Domain Network, Built in Collaboration with Major Registrars,
and Powered by a Platform of Industry-Leading Tools, to Catalyze Online Economic Development Worldwide

Interconnections with Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter,
and Other Leading Corporations Underway


SALT LAKE CITY, UT, PHOENIX, AZ, and LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 15, 2013 – The Academy of Science and Arts’ Internet Economics Institute announced the unveiling of Internet Central Park today ( Individuals and businesses worldwide who wish to create a content website or Internet App to augment their incomes or to serve people in any way, can do so using a breakthrough set of easy-to-use, integrated tools and resources. Owners of existing domains that are either underperforming or not performing at all, or are currently being “sat upon” for future use, can also join Internet Central Park by simply “pointing” their domains to the Park, at Domains created in or pointed to the Park will receive automatic traffic based upon linguistic interconnections and expert-edited link systems. Such traffic will flow forever, as long as such domains are set to the Park’s server network. All monetization activity provided by the perpetually evolving systems and services powering the Park will be shared on the basis of a 50-50 split of net revenue, between the Academy of Science and Arts and the owner of the domain(s).

“The world faces an historic challenge and an opportunity at the same time: genuinely sustainable economic development. The necessity of a gradual transition from biosphere-dependent economic growth towards information-based economic activity is clear, but the path to do so systematically has not been clear,” said Joe Firmage, Founder of the Academy of Science and Arts, and Executive Director of the Internet Economics Institute. “I am extremely optimistic. After more than 4,000 person years of research and development, and in alliance with thousands of like-minded people spanning 60 nations, I believe we can help catalyze nothing short of a Second Renaissance.”

Internet Central Park brings together the most powerful, professional combination of domain registration, website and app building tools, online marketing, and commerce engines available anywhere in the world. Major corporations whose capacities are or will shortly be included within, around, and underneath Internet Central Park and its operations platform include: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, and Network Solutions. Partnerships with major financial institutions are in development, with the objectives of simpler integration of merchant setup, operation and payment processing, as well as a systematic effort to reduce fraud across the Internet economy. An alliance with Your Substantial Capital (YSC), a global leader in its field, will assist businesses and individuals with customized services to jump start new Web and App initiatives, and protect and/or correct existing endeavors.

At the core of Internet Central Park is a network of over 12,000 domains defined by a linguistic algorithm yielding a scalable network of expert-supervised Internet sites and apps. These form the “neural network” embodying a new method and infrastructure for traffic monetization, called Intelligent Automatic Monetization. This platform, called ManyOne, integrates tools, products, and services across the industry, and offers a number of consumer services that will be built upon the resulting alliance. In the process of launching, the ManyOne platform now includes the LifeTimeTree, LifeTimePad, LifeTimeCard, LifeTimeMerchant, and LifeTimeMail. It is hoped that this approach may offer an ‘outlet for sustainable economic growth’ in the infinite noosphere, over decades relieving growth pressure on our very finite biosphere, and in the process formally and rigorously catalyze a graceful transition between the two.

“The sweeping scope of challenges and opportunities we all can now see after the turn of the millennium represent a ‘singularity’ of change in human affairs far more profound than in any period of recorded history,” added Dr. Robert Corell, world-renowned climate scientist and Vice Chancellor of the Academy of Science and Arts. “Wherever we look, massive changes are occurring or must occur nearly at once: politics, economics, science and technology, transformational art transportable through interactive screens and spaces, and even the sense of a broader spiritual mission for humankind. An absolutely essential criteria for the future we all hope to see realized is a rigorous, realistic yet bold vision for systematically shifting from physical to electronic means for personal and business economic development.”

More than a decade in the making, the Internet Economics Institute (IEI) is dedicated to the study and advancement of integrated models and infrastructure for sustainable economic development for the 21st century and beyond. Comprised of core teams of experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world, IEI is launching in 2013 and 2014, a select number of initiatives for mainstream people and main street businesses in need of sustainable economic renewal.

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The Academy of Science and Arts is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing breakthrough science research, education, and consequential sustainable economic development worldwide. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at

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