InterNASA Announces Major Settlements In Fulfillment Of Comprehensive Debt Management Program


January 17, 2018 — Salt Lake City, UT announced today that it has accomplished sweeping settlements, and settlements-in-progress, with primary holders of disputed trade and labor debt.

To advance this major settlement the major equity holder in InterNASA’s primary financial engines — and — CEO Joseph P. Firmage has established a private equity transfer program, from his own holdings, for key new capital partners. The proceeds from Firmage will fund InterNASA’s divisions under a Use of Proceeds system that provides major funding for working capital, new key management, and resolution of remaining trade and labor debt. Most importantly, this will provide the necessary funding for R&D on the most advanced theoretical and now applied physics of propulsion, its engagement with major broadcast networks, backing from a top U.S. Government Agency, the nation’s largest STEM reform network, and advancements in core AI of Internet operating systems. In particular, enterprise is in conclusive testing of its latest engines that hold the potential to power the real New Space Age, and transform all means of transportation worldwide.

InterNASA has settled or has settled-in-agreement, among others soon to be announced, its largest trade debt disputes, including the Madanes Group, and has made its first substantial payment to former employees of ManyOne Portland. This represents continuity of the comprehensive debt management program announced in 2015 ( and was accomplished in tight partnership with InterNASA’s seed investors, thereby paving the way for its final planned round of capitalization.

“This honorable step represents the fiduciary character of my 30+ year career, and opens InterNASA’s ability to swiftly complete capital partnerships long in the making,” said Mr. Firmage. “We are going to change the world with our discoveries coming to fruition after decades of work with a worldwide alliance of among the finest scientists and artists alive.”



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