Integration of investments, labor, products and services by the academy of science and arts and its enterprises leads to groundbreaking model for corporate structures and operations


Primary Subsidiaries and Completing Late-Stage R&D Funding


March 25, 2017, Salt Lake City, UT, Phoenix, Arizona, Atlanta, GA, Washington, D.C.

The Academy of Science and Arts announced today that its groundbreaking model for harmonizing capital, labor, equity, and debt management has readied and for closure of its final round of private capital powering its worldwide launch.
“Congratulations is not a big enough word describing what has been done by Mr. Joseph Firmage and his executive team in behalf of the Academy. To bring together capital, equity, debt, labor, products and services is an accomplishment rarely achieved, if ever. It is my pleasure to commend all who have been involved in such a momentous effort, and I am proud to be a part of this team,” said David Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel.

Paula Collins, formerly General Manager of USWeb Atlanta during Firmage’s leadership of the consulting giant USWeb/CKS from its founding in 1995 through its $3+ billion value by 1999 said, “Every time I talk with Joe Firmage, he expands my mind – and sometimes he blows my mind. Like today. I continue to be amazed by the balance of his brilliant mind and his big heart. As an investor I’m grateful to have helped Joe and his team advance the Academy of Science and Arts. We worked together 20 years ago to change the world, and it looks like round two of a world-changing alliance.” Paul has joined the Board of Trustees of the Academy.

Dr. Charles L. Dickens, President of the Academy enterprises added, “As an alumnus of Morehouse College it is uniquely special to bring Paula and Atlanta onboard. I look forward as an opportunity of this homecoming to expand the sphere of influence and empowerment, through access to advanced technologies, for a once-historically disenfranchised people.”

Dr. Robert Corell, Vice Chancellor of the Academy and a leader of both United States and United Nations Climate Change Programs, stated, “After years of effort and over $250 million raised and deployed creating its primary components, I am proud and grateful to have been part of the genesis of the Academy since 2003, and now to see our enterprises and institutes come to life to serve the world. What inspires me most is that the technologies of and have the realistic potential of quickly and massively impacting a singular climate emergency that threatens the human species.” He continued, “I am honored to be involved at the cutting edge of research and discoveries that may not just slow down decay of our biosphere, but to reverse decay into a renewal of the living ecosystems, and spark a second renaissance.”


Motion Physics connects, informs, sponsors, prioritizes and assists the finest innovators in the world to become Associates of the Motion Physics R&D Network, enabling theoretical and experimental studies to advance beyond the limits imposed by severely fragmented explorations of these domains.

Through its R&D Network, Motion Physics and its Associates are able to pursue internal discoveries and fulfill external contract research and development of technological innovations, for productization in alliance with government and industry partners, and independent innovators. This alliance is expected to accelerate the emergence of products and services for urgent and unaddressed near- and long-term human needs including advanced propulsion, renewable energy, electromagnetic and acoustic sensing, infrastructure construction and protection, navigation instrumentation, and testing and analysis systems.


The Academy of Science and Arts is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing STEM programs, breakthrough science research, education, and consequential sustainable economic development worldwide. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at




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