“GSEO” Predicted to Replace “SEO” Worldwide


SALT LAKE CITY, UT, PHOENIX, AZ and LOS ANGELES, CA – April 20, 2013 — Internet economy pioneers Joe Firmage (, Dr. Charles L. Dickens, head of ManyOne’s National Contact Center, Al Swavely, head of Geographic Applications, and an alliance of thousands of people in partnered industry-leading companies worldwide today unveiled a breakthrough platform for efficient and robust Internet monetization, called “Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization,” or GSEO. The platform is accessed through ManyOne Central (, and the primary U.S. contact phone number, Powered by ManyOne, is live now at 855-775-7774. The international contact number is 480-522-1025.

It is has been widely understood for two decades that the Internet’s ‘name space’ would resemble and extend the world in which we live, where ‘location’ can be more influential than that which is being sold, when it comes to financial success. Thus, the concept of SEO was developed to improve the relative ranking of websites. Due to the vast, nebulous nature of those promising SEO to Web site (and now App) owners, while under-delivering ranking results, the Federal Government had to intervene in an attempt to prevent the modern day snake oil lubrication of the entire Internet economy. ManyOne has been crafted for over a decade to step in to this critical zone of global economics, help ‘get the slick out’, and offer new and evolving building blocks of a more solid foundation to replace SEO. This platform and service is now known as GSEO (Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization).

“Since the inevitable death of reliable SEO in the past few years, huge numbers of Internet businesses have scrambled to find a reliable alternative that works. Everyone knows the critical importance of search engine ranking to achieving robust financial returns and worldwide popularity. But the dark art of selling SEO to merchants as a credible treatment for infinite Internet obscurity has moved those in the know to refer to that art as ‘Serial Entrepreneurial Obscurity’. To the tech world, it’s a case where the cure is vastly worse than the disease. Today we extend a robust invitation for SEO technology and marketing agencies to work energetically with ManyOne and our industry-leading partners to jointly implement this much-needed quantum improvement in the structural integrity of the Internet economy,” said Joe Firmage, Chief Executive Officer of the Academy of Science and Arts and ManyOne.

“GSEO will end the horrific experience of website owners in their Internet enterprises, having been convinced by slick SEO salespeople to turn over responsibility for producing significant improvements in ranking without reliability or technical engagement with the search engine leaders,” said Charles L. Dickens M.D. and Executive Director of ManyOne Central. “The SEO operation was declared a success, but the patient still died. GSEO is like a GPS-guided valet service for parking your Web site and App on the top floor of the World Wide Web’s garage. It actually works scientifically, to assure autonomous placement of ranking by selection rather than chance. It’s your business, your life, and future. Why would you leave them to the spin of a roulette wheel? It’s even like throwing the keys to your new Mercedes, and your wallet too, into the mob below and hoping that they park at the top without a scratch, with your money still in the glove box.”

“Ideally, anyone, anywhere will get a level playing field with the audience they serve, without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money in sales, marketing, and advertising costs. The concept is actually quite simple, yet ingenious, in connecting all Web sites and Apps together, using linguistically precise, geographically-oriented algorithms, with anti-cyber threat and fraud-resistant systems, and operated by a dream team of the top people in each field,” said Mr. Al Swavely, a 20-year pioneer of the Internet as it intersects geography and the automobile industry. “I have looked long and hard for something of this caliber and it could not be found anywhere until now. ManyOne and its partners wield the most robust front- and back-end systems in the world. GSEO is born, and people everywhere can benefit from it for generations to come.”

Details of the ManyOne GSEO platform will be rolling out throughout April and May, 2013, and can be explored and tracked at Biographical summaries of Directors, Executives, and Advisors of the Academy of Science and Arts, its institutes, and its enterprises can be found at


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