The Secret

First Contact Revealed In Blockbuster Book

The Secret – Evidence That We Are Not Alone Released
by Technology Enterprise Pioneer JP Firmage


SALT LAKE CITY, UT — November 7, 2013 —
In an historic announcement, technology enterprise pioneer and philanthropist JP Firmage today released the downloadable edition of “The Secret – Evidence That We Are Not Alone” at . As the first of three planned volumes, the book chronicles over 70 years of the most ruggedly- documented sightings, events, reactions and scores of pages of forensically-studied Government documents.

A weekly release of additional presentations and information will commence at and beginning on December 8th, 2013.

“The world has been waiting for something that may have already occurred”, said Firmage. “The case for the opening of a New Frontier appears at hand, and it presents perhaps the opportunity for an actual Second Renaissance. A comprehensive set of solutions — which will in any case take years, a decade or more to achieve — has now moved from science fiction to science reality.”

Continuing, Firmage stated, “An evolution of scientific paradigms and the future of derivable R&D is approaching a Second Renaissance. Now the life-machine interface is in the palm of your hand, the fingerprint of your finger and even the retina of your eye. We have seen the industrial revolution, IT revolution and resultant politico-economic transformations rapidly evolving generational memory.

“Now we see life moving machines and machines moving life. It is time for a much broader definition of the new frontier we have inherited.”

The first volume has been co-written with Dr. Robert Wood, retired aerospace physicist with McDonnell Douglas, and his son, Ryan Wood, a recognized forensic document analyst.

Dr. Robert Wood stated, “Based on my expertise in science and the fact that today’s physics does not see tomorrow’s physics, I have concluded that the documents to which I have been exposed are clearly a subset of the documents that exist. The technologies stated or implied, here, indicate that we will learn how the energy of the vacuum can be harnessed, and how that energy can be used across any number of technological applications, including propelling through space-time.”

“As a primary forensic analyst, I have studied the ‘Majestic’ documents in detail, and I have used multiple intersecting methods to assess their validity. These methods have included content analysis, paper, ink, stamps and watermark forensics, tools of typography and printing, anachronisms, programs of disinformation, hoaxing motivations, archival cross- references, witness correlations and forensic linguistics,” said Ryan Wood, widely recognized as one of the leaders in this field of study. “Every document included in this volume meets a sufficient number of these tests to earn the mark of authenticity. Many meet all such tests, and we have many more documents to be reviewed.”

Hardback Editions, signed by the author, may be ordered by calling (385)-414-9739.

Further information and briefings will be available on November 7th, 2013, at The Hardback Edition of The Secret will ship in mid-December, 2013.

A weekly release of additional presentations and information will commence at and beginning on December 8th, 2013.

About JP Firmage
JP Firmage is the founder of the Academy of Science and Arts, and is its Chief Executive Officer. He directs and guides the focus of the enterprise and provides oversight of key operational initiatives. Under his leadership, the Academy is rapidly scaling its infrastructure and deploying 14 years and $250 million of prior invested and related R&D to advance academic and educational systems, global economic development initiatives and core propulsion and energy technological innovation.

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