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ManyOne Announces Creation of Financial Sentry Services

-a New Division for Protective and Investigative Services for Major Partners and Clients


The ManyOne Academy of Science and Arts today announced the formation of ManyOne Sentry Services, a professional services infrastructure and team virtually second to none in the disciplines of protecting the physical and financial asset security of ManyOne partners and clients.

“The new division of ManyOne will provide strategic protection and financial security, including executive and independent contractor capital gains protection. Leaders of ManyOne Sentry Services have served in high-ranking roles in organizations such as the IRS, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, Special Forces, CIA, NSA and DIA,” said Dr. Charles Dickens, President of ManyOne. “Our instructors use real-world experiences to enrich partner and client financial protection management, inclusive of workplace violence and security assessment, conflict resolution, operational site and facility security, and more specialized services upon appropriate review.”

“ManyOne is becoming a central participant in defining the standards of the 21st century economy,” said Robert Joseph, Director of the ManyOne Sentry Division. “We are commencing now the deployment of perhaps the world’s most sophisticated Internet Economic Operating System, and the provision of proactive security — physical and electronic — of the alliance creating and deploying it is an essential responsibility.”

Among the services offered by the new division include:

  • Recommendations for enhanced financial security systems and protocols.
  • Solutions for integrating new and existing technologies including highly secure information storage, encryption, redundancy of physical data center activities and the most sophisticated virtual cloud protection envelopes available.
  • Identification of regulatory financial compliance requirements, current with rapidly evolving executive, legislative and judicial rulings.
  • Understanding industry and Government requirements and best practices in keeping with the above.

“A consultative approach to our partner and client financial business security needs, with a deep understanding of regulatory laws, can yield significantly improved business results beneficial to financial operations in revenue productivity, cost savings, and enhanced command and control capabilities,” said J.P. Firmage, CEO of ManyOne. “A complete customer support system including monitoring options, maintenance agreements, warranty programs, ongoing aid, software service, technical support, and more are underway in several test sites around the nation. The results appear encouraging. Compliance and best operating practices will always be ManyOne’s trademark. Our personal and personnel passion is helping you protect your teams, business operations, finances, capital gains and other assets that define and distinguish your enterprise.”

More details may be found at:

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Via phone, (801) 560-8970


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