Academy of Science and Arts

Internet Economics Institute
Launches Strategic Domain Name Space Alliance

Arrowhead LLC partnership formed between Joseph Firmage, Al Swavely,
and the Academy of Science and Arts


SALT LAKE CITY, UT and LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 6, 2013:  Joseph P. Firmage and Academy of Science and Arts have proudly reached an agreement with early Internet Visionary Al Swavely, to lease the marketing rights and to monetize a portfolio of priceless Geographically-Centric Domain names. The Academy’s unique linguistic algorithms will power these domains, and will represent the spearhead of the Academy’s launch of an economic development platform engineered at a cost of over $250 million over the last 15 years.

Mr. Swavely has had many offers from other parties for much larger sums of money, but he believes in the greater good for humanity and sees the “larger picture” with the Academy’s Internet Economics Institute’s overall plan.

“We had the good fortune of making a robust connection a half year ago”, said Joe Firmage. “We are leasing the rights to manage the monetization of a select set of California Geographically-Centric Domain names; more may follow. It is projected that this set alone will yield north of $10 million in revenue by December 2013, and that is not inclusive of 12,000+ additional domains under our administration. Net revenues from all classes of activity for the California Geographically-Centric Domains will be distributed amongst the Arrowhead Partnership, for life”.

“The Internet Central Park is lighting up now, and it holds great promise for millions of people seeking a more robust, fraud-resistant, and compelling means to become active participants in the 21st century economy,” said Mr. Swavely, co-founder of the Arrowhead Partnership. “The partnerships’ teams have pioneered a breakthrough system to sustain and advance economic development online, and the doors are now opening to an endeavor whose time has come”.

The Internet Central Park ( brings together the most powerful, professional combination of domain registration, website and app building tools, online marketing and commerce engines available anywhere in the world.

About the Academy of Science and Arts

The Academy of Science and Arts is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing breakthrough science research, education and consequential sustainable economic development worldwide. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at

About the Internet Economics Institute

More than a decade in the making, the Internet Economics Institute (IEI) is dedicated to the study and advancement of integrated models and infrastructure for sustainable economic development for the 21st century and beyond. Comprised of core teams of experts, leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, IEI is launching in 2012 and 2013 a select number of initiatives for mainstream and mainstreet economic renewal. They include the Internet Central Park ( which has formalized a linguistic algorithm yielding a scalable network of expert-supervised Internet domains to form the core of a new method and infrastructure for traffic monetization, Intelligent Automatic Monetization. Integrated products and services in the process of launching now include the LifeTimeTree, LifeTimePad, LifeTimeCard, LifeTimeMerchant, and LifeTimeMail. It is hoped that this approach may offer an “outlet for sustainable economic growth” in the infinite noosphere, over decades relieving growth pressure on our very finite biosphere, and in the process formally, rigorously catalyze a graceful transition between the two.

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