InterNASA Announced By Leading Physicists, Internet Economy Pioneers, Stem Reformers, Climate Committees and Creative Integral Institutes


Advanced Propulsion Physics, Clean Energy, STEM and the Economy of the Future to be the Centers of Excellence of InterNASA


April 17, 2017, Salt Lake City, UT, Phoenix, Arizona, Atlanta, GA, Washington, D.C.

The International Academy of Science and Arts ( was officially launched today by leaders of diverse and intersecting disciplines. InterNASA is designed to be a scientific League of Nations — as an association of like-minded professionals throughout the world who, when required, forge an alliance to propose and assist in resolving the most difficult challenges facing humanity and the world.

InterNASA’s founder and CEO, Joseph Firmage, is considered the father Apps, a pioneer of the Internet Economy, and for the last 20 years has been researching and developing ad-vanced propulsion physics and carbon-free energy generation. Today he stated, “It has been a profound and humbling privilege to have engaged thousands of the brightest minds alive to assist in the development of these enterprises and institutions. Key leaders have accepted authority to organize and drive major programs deriving from the Academy. I have the highest respect for each of these leaders, and it is with their partnership that In-terNASA is now unveiling the public phase of its trajectory. I am fortunate to have launched a number of successful businesses, which have created billions in wealth for many, but this Academy is of an entirely different level of significance, and has quietly been at the core of my life.”

InterNASA has appointed over a dozen Chairs of multidisciplinary organizations to head its Enterprises and Institutions. “This ‘Class Reunion’ not only protects and promotes methodologies and technologies for the new millennium, but has expanded its leadership from the Internet Economy pioneer USWeb,” said Dr. Charles L. Dickens M.D., President. “InterNASA is designed to be a living and evolving primer, protector and the agency of choice for furtherance of inventions from the finest minds alive.”

Among the Committee Chairs are:

  • Joseph P Firmage is chairman and CEO of the Academy and its two primary Enter-prises, ManyOne and Motion Physics
  • Noted climate scientist Robert Corell is the vice chairman of the Academy, and chairman of the Sustainable Ecology Committee.
  • Leading physicist David Hestenes is the chairman of the STEM Reform & Science Modeling Committee.
  • Worldwide business pioneer and expert in corporate finance and all scales, Mr. James N. Cutler Jr. is the chairman of the Finance Committee.
  • Noted philosopher Ken Wilber is the chairman of the Integral Studies Committee.
  • Legal scholar Edwin Firmage Sr. is the chairman of the Human Rights Committee.
  • Psychologist, business and philanthropy leader Gloria Paramore is the chairwoman of the Humanitarian Programs Committee.
  • Technology and Integral science pioneer Robert Richards is the chairman of the Human Futures Committee.
  • Business and Integral theory teaching leader Terry Patten is the chairman of the Cultural Evolution Committee.
  • Government, technology and legal expert David Shaw is the chairman of the Legal & Public Affairs Committee
  • MIT Physics Alumnus and expert in advanced research into breakthroughs in ener-gy & propellant-less propulsion, and the nature of inertia and gravitation, Mr. Eric Hermann is the chairman of the Research Committee
  • President and financial executive of the Integral Institute, founded by world-renowned philosopher Ken Wilber, Mr. Colin Bigelow is the chairman of the Grants Committee.

James N. Cutler Jr., founder of Hollywood Video and Waste Connections to name a few stated, “I have been part of the Executive Leadership teams of multi-billion dollar compa-nies. I know what it takes to be successful. Joe Firmage has what it takes to be successful, and has organized what I believe will be ‘the Bell Labs Group of the 21st century’.”

The Academy’s primary mission is to improve the human condition through the advance-ment of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This movement is spearhead-ed by world-renowned physicist Dr. David Hestenes, Director of the STEM Modeling Insti-tute (SMI). Hestenes stated, “SMI is dedicated to rapid, deep and sustained STEM educa-tion reform at national and international scales. It will support implementation and exten-sion of a strategic program that was designed, built and tested with substantial funding from the National Science Foundation. The program is grounded in a research-based sci-ence pedagogy called Modeling Instruction, now adopted by thousands of teachers across the United States, who created their own organization, the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA), to sustain it.

Continuing he stated, “SMI supports basic R&D to unify and enhance the STEM curricu-lum with powerful new mathematical and computer tools based on Geometric Algebra (GA). In recent decades GA has emerged as a unified mathematical system for all of phys-ics, engineering and computer science. It simplifies and clarifies mathematics at all levels from the advanced to the elementary. Advanced applications are well developed, and ex-tensive work is continuing to incorporate it into STEM curriculum for the benefit of stu-dents worldwide.”

Vice Chancellor of InterNASA, Dr. Robert Corell, a primary figure within the International Panel on Climate Change, stated, “I am proud and grateful to be working with the Acade-my. What inspires me most is that the technologies it is pioneering have the realistic po-tential of quickly and massively impacting a global climate emergency that otherwise may already be destined to threaten human-friendly conditions on Earth.”

Edwin B. Firmage, Samuel D. Thurman Professor of Law, University of Utah, and co-founder of InterNASA added, “The point at which international and constitutional law meet is the high point of governance. The scientific and technological breakthroughs con-templated here will represent the greatest challenges and opportunities we have ever met. Existing paradigms of sovereignty must be entirely rethought, throughout the world in all secular and religious systems.”


The International Academy of Science and Arts is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing breakthrough science research, education, and consequential sustainable economic development worldwide. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at




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