Academy of Science and Arts to establish World Headquarters for Enterprises and Institutes across Utah’s Wasatch Front and in The Center of Phoenix, Arizona


Leading figures of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts and finance unveiled the National Academy of Science and Arts, with operations to be based in heart of Utah’s Wasatch Front and Phoenix, Arizona. The Academy is an umbrella institution with the mission of advancing breakthrough science research, education, and Internet-based sustainable economic development platform worldwide. The Academy is in the process of launching in several stages, and may be tracked at

ManyOne World LLC’s Directors announced the purchase of the historic “Ice House” — a square block in downtown Phoenix — backed directly by capital partners who support the ManyOne’s vision, management and financial operating plan. ManyOne will carry forward and greatly expand upon the mission and activities of this historic center for promoting the arts and humanitarian causes. A master plan for both preservation and sweeping improvements to the existing structures will commence June, 2016. The property will become the worldwide headquarters of the Academy; all institutes and enterprises under its umbrella will have strategic offices, incubation laboratories, and venues for innovators to share ideas and works, and to apply for selective financial support for the advancement of the best in scientific exploration and artistic expression.

The engines powering the Academy are two enterprises founded by experts who are responsible for pioneering many of the core technologies and financial systems spanning the global Internet economy — — and who have materially helped catalyze the sharply rising interest in breakthrough clean energy, propulsion physics and materials sciences —

More than 15 years in the making, ManyOne has built the first ‘Cloud Operating System’ — a platform for creating, running and radically expanding revenue and profitability from your own Cloud of Apps and Sites. Several pioneering technologies and services have been unveiled on Earth Day, April 22nd via open broadcasts and demonstrations worldwide. ManyOne is dedicated to the advancement of integrated, open, and financially robust global infrastructure for sustainable economic development for the 21st century and beyond. Led by ecosystem teams of experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world, ManyOne is launching in 2016 massive initiatives for mainstream people and main street businesses in need of rapid economic renewal. Further information is available at

“ManyOne is not just a 21st century corporation pioneering breakthrough technologies for our economy, but is truly a third millennium corporation embedding virtuous capitalism wisely into the now-massive global Internet economy,” said Dr. Charles L. Dickens, President of ManyOne. “We are inculcating ideals expressed by our Founding Fathers in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, within the first Internet Economic Operating System ever built — Encoding these enduring values into the brilliant machines now interconnected as many into one, via the Internet. It is as if H.G. Wells and Einstein along with Hawking are writing the rules of corporate cosmology that will be used to govern the future of commerce, especially as nations integrate across our world, and as we now discover and may begin to connect with other worlds.”

The founder of the Academy, Mr. Joseph P. Firmage, commenced work on $250 million in components now connected with and comprising ManyOne in 1999 with a team of the best and brightest, foreseeing the necessity and urgency of addressing the greatest challenges of this century — economics, environment, energy and education. The team creates solutions not based on symptomatic band-aids, but on systemic infrastructure and breakthrough discoveries. “I appraised that these challenges could be tackled in years and decades, not centuries, with a sweeping commitment of resources to focus on two engines of innovation and, thus, economic development. ManyOne as the Economic Development Platform is designed to support world-changing breakthroughs in the original core area of my academic study, physics,” said Mr. Firmage.

Motion Physics connects, informs, sponsors, prioritizes and assists in collaborative research among Associates of the Motion Physics R&D Network, enabling theoretical and experimental studies to advance beyond the limits imposed by severely fragmented explorations of these domains. Through its R&D Network, Motion Physics and its Associates are able to pursue internal discoveries and fulfill external contracted research and development of technological innovations, for productization in alliance with government and industry partners, and independent innovators. The alliance is expected to accelerate the emergence of products and services for urgent and unaddressed near-, mid- and long-term human needs in advanced propulsion, renewable energy, electromagnetic, acoustic sensing, infrastructure construction and protection, navigation instrumentation, and testing and analysis systems.

In a joint statement the Board of Advisors of Motion Physics stated, “Our scientists and those of our institutional associates have been collaborating for over two decades in the exploration of these domains of physics. After much preparatory work we have reached a critical mass, and are ready to move to the next stage. We’ve formed a new structure to enable tighter collaboration, better prioritization, larger-scale programs, and a common vehicle for open public engagement and financial sponsorship”.

The worldwide launch of the Academy, ManyOne, and Motion Physics is set for May 6th, 2016, accelerating and spreading the sphere of influence of the finest academic institutions and leaders in the United States, including new Directors, Executives and Capital Partners with deep expertise in professional services in computer sciences and AI, with a passion for innovative incubation for industrial breakthrough applications of this scale. Mr. Firmage has dedicated substantial financial resources, building upon those of many others, to help power this long-planned opening of the Academy’s enterprises for global engagement.

“Everyone in the world is a physicist in some way and at some time, from the soccer mom who buys her son shoes with longer cleats, to the stockbroker theorizing financial quantum entanglement of currencies among nations, to the experimentalist exploring the control of gravity. I have surveyed works of those engaged at this great frontier, and have concluded that Motion Physics has the history, partners, rigor, and experts to now establish a global R&D discovery and invention institution like no other. It is urgently needed, honorable governed and focused on empirical results that will transform our society,” added Mr. Firmage.

ManyOne and Motion Physics have also confirmed reports that prominent additions to their Executive Teams, Managing Boards, Boards of Advisors & Partner Networks will be announced this week & throughout Q2 2016, further strengthening their capacity to scale swiftly, with excellence.

“The sweeping scope of challenges and opportunities we all can now see after the turn of the millennium represent a ‘singularity’ of change in human affairs far more profound than in any period of recorded history,” added Dr. Robert Corell, world-renowned climate scientist and Vice Chancellor of the Academy of Science and Arts. “Wherever we look, massive changes are occurring or must occur nearly at once: politics, economics, science and technology, transformational art transportable through interactive screens and spaces, and even the sense of a broader spiritual mission for humankind”.

“An absolutely essential criteria for the future we all hope to see realized is a rigorous, realistic yet bold vision for systematically shifting from physical to electronic means for personal and business economic development, and to transform the energy and propulsion systems in the timeframe we have to do so. I am convinced that Institutes of this Academy, powered by the ManyOne and Motion Physics enterprises, offer the most promising and wisely developed alliance in the world. Having helped form this alliance for over a decade with experts spanning more than 60 nations, I am convinced it is capable of materially helping to solve our biggest challenges and sparking anew realistic hope for a future that will inspire us now and for generations to come.”


ManyOne is an Internet Professional Services Organization who exceeds the needs of individuals and organizations of any type and size with IT technology advancements in development for the last 20 years. ManyOne is dedicated to the advancement of integrated financially robust global infrastructure for sustainable economic development for the 21st century and beyond. Comprised of core teams of experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world, ManyOne is launching in 2016 massive initiatives for mainstream people and main street businesses in need of rapid economic renewal. Further information is available at



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