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Internet domain names are often viewed in analogy to real estate.
Real estate commonly refers to parcels of land and the structures built upon them. Domain names are foundations upon which a website or web application (like a home or business) can be built. Certain internet domain names, like much sought-after real estate, carry significant value because of search engine optimization, online brand-building potential, effective use in advertising, and other criteria.

“Internet Central Park” is a term originated by the Academy of Science and Arts to figuratively represent a vast, planned architecture of inter-connected Internet domains. Just like Central Park is at the heart of Manhattan in New York City, Internet Central Park is at the heart of an ever-expanding network of important domains.  Simply stated, the ‘park’ embodies prime ‘real estate’ of extremely valuable internet domain space.
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Life Time Tree is one of the most important books published. It is a valuable reference guide to the domains in Internet Central Park.

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You will then be connected, forever, to Internet Central Park. You can watch your own Internet Site go live right before your eyes. Some of the finest minds in the world (with really big hearts too, with whom we’ve worked for years to create this extraordinary new network) will swiftly begin to help nourish your Life Time Tree. We will continuously help drive people to you and to your enterprise.

The Life Time Tree book is an evolving map of future information highways — like secret maps of roads and real estate — for the Third Millennium. Use this book to connect yourself to this new world of information, communication, and traffic. Through this non-profit, ethics-governed map we can help each other for life, worldwide.

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