Motion Physics

Motion Physics is a new kind of non-profit science enterprise: an advanced physics research and development organization supporting an international network of scientists and institutions, pioneering together breakthrough technologies for 21st century life. Combined with an advanced Materials Fabrication Lab that offers services now to partners in industry, government, and science research, the Institute can actually co-invent, design, develop, engineer, and fabricate breakthrough devices for industry, government, universities, and also brilliant entrepreneurs with great ideas.


ManyOne has been created by some of the brightest thinkers and doers in the world. We’re focused on real-world scenario planning, academic study and empirical action, and plain common sense to help catalyze a 21st century renaissance amidst a world in economic pain. We’re combining our mentors’ and students’ minds to push the frontier of economic development, to break through road blocks to real economic health for people everywhere. That includes access to the best Internet tools, technology, and resources available.

Sustainable Ecology Institute

The priorities of governments and financial institutions of the highest order have made enormous progress in recent years, even now months, regarding systematic partnerships spanning government, finance, and technology, to tackle global sustainability crises facing humanity now. Recently formed with partner institutions and renowned experts across more than 50 nations, the Sustainable Ecology Institute (SEI) is a vehicle for constructive engagement by hosting strategic dialogue, providing evaluation, and catalyzing deployment assistance for programs that materially reinforce sustainability of ecosystems. The Institute is a reflection of understandings reached between the Academy’s Vice Chancellor and Director of SEI, Dr. Robert Corell, and Dr. David Hestenes, Director of the Science Modeling Institute at the Academy of Science and Arts.

Science Modeling Institute

The Science Modeling Institute is empowering teachers as agents for comprehensive STEM education reform. Schools and school districts today are ill-equipped to conduct the necessary professional development on their own, because they lack some areas of expertise in science and technology as well as the resources to keep up-to-date with advances in science curriculum materials and pedagogy. The problem is most severe in rural and urban schools with “high-need” students. To address the need for high-quality professional development on a massive scale, the Institute has evolved based upon the pioneering Modeling Instruction Program developed with 15 years of NSF funding. To date it has delivered professional development in physics, chemistry, and physical science in summer workshops to more than three thousand teachers across the nation. This mission critical program is continuing forward with new resources and partnerships worldwide.

Internext Technologies Institute

Advancing technologies of media and communications have entirely transformed our world in just two decades. The Internext Technologies Institute is led by some of the pioneers of those transformations. Our staff and students are pushing forward with great academic and hardcore enterprising developments in technologies, local and global consulting services, and carrying forward the history-making work of USWeb. Combined with world-class media production and studio enterprises that can excite and incite humane and rapid introduction of Internet, media tools, and media productions spanning smart phones to IMAX films, we can help catalyze a future worthy of humanity’s potential.

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