Gloria Paramore

Gloria is the Vice President of Administration and member of the Academy Board of Directors. She coordinates communications with the board of directors, maintains official records, and is active in the administration of Academy affairs.

Gloria is an accomplished corporate professional with wide-ranging talents and interests. She is a partner in co-founding and organizing the early aspects of the Academy in its many functions. She has served as Executive Assistant or Corporate Secretary in the launch, development and expansion of global enterprises such as Serius, Novell’s AppWare Division, USWeb, International Space Sciences Organization, ManyOne Networks and Motion Sciences. Gloria was instrumental in interfacing with investors, board members, science advisors, government officials, and politicians in projects too numerous to mention.

Previously Gloria has served in many Board and Advisory roles in educational institutions, including serving as President of the Alumni Association of Brigham Young University, and as a Board Member of Airline Ambassadors. Co-Founding with its leader Edwin B. Firmage, she was instrumental in the successful effort to prevent the MX Nuclear Missile system from being deployed across Utah and Nevada and served as Executive Director of Utahns United Against the Nuclear Arms Race. Given a background of passion for Quantum Physics studies, she currently serves as a special advisor to the Chairman of the Academy and actively participates in advancing projects.

Outside of the corporate world, Gloria has conducted academic research in psychology and advanced dream analysis. As a teacher and private consultant, she has conducted many seminars and radio programs, and has written extensively in this field of study. She is also a gifted musician, composer, poet, author, and artist.

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