Joseph P. Firmage

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Firmage is the founder of the Academy of Science and Arts, its Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Academy’s Board of Directors. He directs and guides the focus of the enterprise and provides oversight of key operational initiatives. Under his leadership, the Academy is rapidly scaling its infrastructure and deploying 14 years and $250 million of invested and related R&D to advance academic and educational systems, global economic development initiatives and core propulsion and energy technological innovation.

Before launching the Academy, Joe spent 12 years researching and pioneering breakthrough technologies in physics as well as defining a conceptual framework of economic development to support those breakthroughs that culminated in the genesis of the Academy of Science and Arts.

Joe first entered the corporate world at the young age of nineteen when he founded Serius Corporation, a pioneer of cross-platform “desktop programming” tools via a visual object-oriented programming system. Serius was acquired by Novell, and Joe became Vice President of the AppWare Developer Tools Division, and later was promoted to become Novell’s Vice President of Strategy for its Network Systems Group. He was the strategy leader directing the integration of UNIX with NetWare 4, creating what was to be called NetWare 5, a 64-bit Intel-based, TCP-IP native Spec1170 compliant Universal Server Operating System, which included Novell’s breakthrough NetWare Directory and Security Management Services.

Seeing the future significance of the Internet’s development, Joe left Novell to co-found and serve as CEO of USWeb Corporation. He led the creation of the world’s largest internet consulting enterprise, with over 2,500 experts spanning 10 countries and serving more than 50% of top Fortune 100 companies.

After choosing a successor and a broader path in scientific and social development, Joe’s professional career continued to expand as he founded, co-founded, served as a managing partner, or was otherwise significantly involved in several innovative enterprises. These endeavors included Intend Change Group, which oversaw the creation of OneCosmos Network (later reorganized as ManyOne), Electron Economy (later acquired by Viewlocity), Invesmart (later acquired by Stancorp), and Infrastructure Defense (later acquired by Verisign). At the same time Joe founded and funded a triad of “strike team” advanced physics research groups primarily in realms related to advanced propulsion, energy, and materials sciences: International Space Sciences Organization, California Institute for Physics & Astrophysics, and Los Gatos Materials Sciences Laboratory.

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