Academy of Science and Arts


An Academy Worthy of a New Millennium

The sweeping scope of challenges and opportunities we have seen since the turn of the millennium represent a ‘singularity’ of change in human affairs far more profound than in any period of recorded history. Wherever we look, massive changes are occurring or must occur nearly at once: politics, economics, science and technology, transformational art transportable through interactive screens and spaces, the progressing shift of physical to electronic means for personal use as well as for business, and even the sense of a broader spiritual mission for humankind.

The Academy of Science and Arts is an institution representative of a vision and dream that we all share — to uplift the hearts and minds of millions of people, even tens and hundreds of millions of people, over the next couple of decades in preparation for the transformation of our 21st century society, and the world as we know it, into a world worthy of a new millennium.

In development for more than a dozen years, the Academy is a global network of relationships with prominent institutions and individuals who possess expertise in specific realms and interests impacting or affecting life on our planet. The main purpose of the Academy is to bring these experts together and connect their efforts across boundaries to lead advanced studies in science, social evolution, and arts. Collectively, as we grow our ranks, we will identify, address, and take relevant action on current and future issues that concern humanity. Cooperatively, we will help teach and learn from thousands of leaders-to-be, who must and will be charged with being the ‘superheroes’ of this century in the inauguration of a better future for our posterity.

The mission of the Academy is to help catalyze four areas of 21st century scientific discovery and social evolution: (1) new economic models and financial systems infrastructure for sustainable career and business development, (2) breakthrough core research and development for clean energy and propulsion technologies, (3) deployment of cutting-edge general media productions and interactive online curricula , and (4) collaboration in the launch of  a professional internet consulting firm that is similar to history-making USWeb — once the world’s largest internet consulting business. The new firm will operate via a network of offices that will provide both people and businesses packaged and professional services for rapid, quality-oriented Web site and App development.

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